Whatever you do that brings puts money into your pocket, don’t get too busy with it that you forget about the most important things in life.

These most important things include; God, family, love, taking care of yourself, interacting with nature and socializing with the people around you.

When you ignore all these things and go all in; putting your energy and attention 100% into the hustle while leaving zero for God and these other important things; at the end of the line, you will realize that everything in life all boils down to happiness and self-fulfillment that only these important things will give you.

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These are the true definition of happiness. They are the scale in which your true happiness is measured. The money you are working so hard for today is just to make life a lot easier and more comfortable for you to live while you interact and socialize with these essential things. Money can’t make you happy.

At the end of that line, you will realize that, although the money is there and living life will be very easy for you but these essential things will be so far-fetched and your true happiness will lie idle on the end of another line.

most important things in life

So, pray and appreciate God. Go to church and worship him. Even if you don’t wanna go to church, live a life that pleases him.

Pick up your phone and call your family if you are staying far away from them, call your parents and tell them that you love them, your mum especially, I bet you she needs that call from you right now.

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The heart and mind always feel good and works better when love is in abundance in your life. Don’t let that lovely gf/bf of yours suffocate in their emotional feelings for you. Love them back and show it. Spend time with them. That’s how the world was meant to be.

Then, socialize with your environment, and interact with nature. That’s the only avenue you have to clear your head when the hustle clouds your brain with frustration.

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